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Solicitations in Review

These solicitations are closed to additional responses and have undergone a public RFP (request for proposals) opening ceremony. The awarded vendor(s) will be announced based on the review committees recommendation and NJPA Board approval.


Group Ancillary Employee Benefits and Related Insurance Products

Airport Consumable Products with Related Supplies and Services

Grounds Maintenance Equipment, Attachments, Accessories, and Related Services

Roadway Maintenance Equipment with Related Accessories, Attachments, Materials, and Supplies




Recently Awarded


Consulting Services for Student Intervention Collaborative Model Research 


Health & Safety, Medical, Surgical, and First Aid Related Equipment, Supplies, Accessories, and Services

Low Speed Vehicles, Medium Speed Vehicles, and Utility Vehicles, With Related Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies

Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment and Related Service

Solid Waste and Recycling Collection and Transport Equipment with Related Equipment, Supplies and Accessories

Facility Security Equipment, Systems, and Services with Related Equipment and Supplies

Mailing and Postage Equipment with Related Software, Accessories, Services, and Supplies

HVAC Systems, Installation, and Service with Related Products and Supplies

Recreation and Playground Equipment, Accessories, and Supplies