NAPA IBS-Genuine Parts Company

Contract#: 010511-GPC
Category: Fleet Services & Equipment
Sub Category: Vehicles & Related Accessories
Description: Vehicle Auto Truck Parts/Inventory Management
Maturity Date: 02/24/2016

NAPA Auto Parts Integrated Business Solutions (IBS) program brings the substantial combined corporate assets of Genuine Parts Company’s family of Supply and Distribution enterprises, company and independent stores and the Auto Parts Group’s extensive experience into play in 19 years of running successful IBS operations with government facilities.

NAPA Auto Parts, utilizing their own resources and strategic partnerships with numerous additional Local and National resources currently provides parts, service and expertise necessary to provide a reliable and complete “on-site” source of repair parts and services for NJPA members to:

  • Achieve a significant reduction in administrative procedures and cost
  • Achieve an increase in parts availability
  • Achieve an increase in employee performance
  • Achieve a reduction in vehicle downtime
  • Achieve a reduction of obsolete parts and shrinkage costs through efficient parts room management
  • Provide services that will enable the customer to operate the repair facility more efficiently, resulting in savings of funds through cost avoidance

NAPA Auto Parts/Genuine Parts Company now has over 230 integrated locations across the United States. With our 19 years experience in operating these Integrated Supply operations NAPA can provide some key added-value help to the City to help the shops parts operation run smoothly and efficiently. Our customers today consist of City and County facilities, Car Dealers, other Government Facilities, Large Truck Fleets, Manufacturing facilities, construction companies, and many other segments. NAPA has alliances formed with outside vendors in order to provide the best possible customized service at a competitive price.