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About Us

The National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA)

A new name defining our expanded role as a nationwide service agency.

The North Central Service Cooperative (NCSC) is now doing business as the National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA).  The governance stays the same, with eight publicly elected government officials serving as the NJPA Board of Directors.  We are a government agency created under M.S. 123A.21 to serve all school districts, cities, counties and other government agencies or units, including non-public schools and other partnership agencies or organizations as defined in M.S. 471.59, Minnesota’s Joint Exercise of Powers Statute.  Governmental Units, under this section, includes every city, county, town, school district, or other political subdivision of this or another state, another state, any agency of this state of the United States, and includes any instrumentality of a governmental unit. Through the combined purchasing power of all of NJPA’s qualifying members, we determine their needs and then we competitively bid products and services on their behalf.  These contracts are then available to our members under their Uniform Municipal Contracting Law, which in Minnesota is M.S. 471.345.  This statute, under Subdivision 15, allows our members to purchase off of our nationally bid contracts without regard to their competitive bidding requirements because the purchase is through a national association’s purchasing alliance.  NJPA’s members are asked to sign a joint powers agreement which then makes all of this possible.

The results of this cooperative effort is a large variety of nationwide, high volume, cost effective and legally bid contracts and services to help meet our member and potential member needs.  The member benefits by enjoying:

  1. time and resource savings in the purchasing process;

  2. large volume pricing, regardless of the quantity needed, on quality products and services from national vendors; and

  3. the satisfaction of knowing that their purchases will combine with those of their sister agency members to help drive down pricing even further in the future.

Over 10,000 governmental, education, and nonprofit units are currently participating in and enjoying the quality products available at huge savings through NJPA, with hundreds more joining at each monthly Board Meeting.   Click here and start saving today!

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