Becoming an NJPA Vendor

The National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) is a public agency serving as a national government/education contracting agency.  NJPA was created under the authority and direction of Minnesota Statute 123A.21. NJPA is governed by publicly elected officials while cooperatively serving municipal and educational agencies nationally under the authority of the Minnesota Joint Exercise of Powers Statute M.S. 471.345.

NJPA contracts are leveraged by over 40,000 member agencies resulting in national volume that attracts interest and RFP responses from nationally acclaimed vendors.  This process ensures the best value solutions are established on behalf of the NJPA membership.  Through the combined leverage of all qualifying agencies, NJPA contracts are competitively bid based on the potential national volume with the goal of providing our customers with the very best purchasing value through contract purchasing.  
All current NJPA vendors became awarded vendors by responding to an NJPA nationally advertised, competitive solicitation in their respective categories. Government and education must either procure through an established contract such as a state contract, cooperative contract, another agency contract or facilitate their own competitive bidding process. 
NJPA acts on behalf of our members and must mirror their process. Vendors cannot sign up as members or sign up to be a vendor with NJPA.  It is important to understand that the only way you can become a vendor of NJPA with access to our members is to respond to a solicitation posted by NJPA on behalf of our members. Through the solicitation, vendors compete in an open and competitive bidding environment conducted formally by NJPA’s Contracts and Bids Department. (See NJPA’s 11 Step Procurement Process for complete details.)

Steps to become an NJPA Vendor


1.       NJPA must first have a solicitation posted that matches your scope of products or equipment. We base our selection of categories on the needs of our members. NJPA has dozens of bid categories for thousands of various types of products, equipment and services. If NJPA doesn’t currently have a category that fits within the scope of your company’s products/equipment/ services, keep checking back with us. More than likely, it is on our radar and we’ll be advertising a solicitation for your type of goods/services in the future.
2.       Respond to one of our solicitations and be deemed responsive. 
3.       Once our Bid Evaluation Committee has reviewed your bid and deemed it responsive and in the best interests of NJPA and our members, the Bids and Contract Department will recommend your company to our Board of Directors for consideration and final approval of award. Our board is made up of public agencies from our regional member agencies and act on behalf of our members’ needs and in the best interest of NJPA and our members.
4.       Once our board acts and approves the committee’s recommendation regarding your RFP response, your company will then be awarded and hold a national contract that is now available to all current and potential NJPA members.
5.       NJPA publicly posts all of our solicitations on where you can check weekly for the newest solicitation. 

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How NJPA cooperatively purchases nationwide

The National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) is a public agency serving our members as a municipal contracting agency. NJPA has the legal authority under Minnesota state laws to solicit, award and host contracts on a national basis on behalf of itself and its current and potential members. Entities eligible for membership include all government, education (public and private) and non-profit agencies. NJPA currently holds over 150 national contracts ranging from office supplies to heavy equipment. 

Minnesota’s joint powers statute provides that two or more governmental units, by agreement entered through action of their respective governing bodies, may jointly or cooperatively exercise any power common to the contracting parties or any similar powers.   Our organization, National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA), takes its name from this MN statute.   NJPA was created and operates under the following Minnesota Statutes:
·         Minnesota Statutes § 471.59: “A municipality may contract for the purchase of supplies, materials, or equipment without regard to the competitive bidding requirements of this section if the purchase is through a national municipal association’s purchasing alliance or cooperative created by a Joint Powers Agreement that purchases items from more than one source on the basis of competitive bids or quotations.”
·         Minnesota Statute §123A.21 creates NJPA as a cooperative with the authority to serve government and education and non-profit agencies. Subd. (7 ) 23 of this statute defines NJPA’s authority and legislative directive to provide our “Cooperative Purchasing” solutions.
·         Minnesota Statute §471.345: Municipal Contracting Law NJPA claims organizational status as a “Municipal Agency” under the authority of this definition
·         Minnesota Statute§ 471.345 Subd. 1: Municipality- For purposes of this section, “municipality” means a county, town, city, school district or other    municipal corporation or political subdivision of the state authorized by law to enter into contracts.
·         Minnesota Statute §471.345 Subd. 15: “Cooperative Purchasing” is the legislative directive that NJPA also stands on to facilitate the solicitation process and provide cooperative contract solutions on behalf of its member agencies.
As an NJPA awarded contract Vendor, you can expect only the highest level of integrity, business practices and ethics. Our commitment to our vendors reflects our very best efforts to embrace and grow the relationship through common goals and respect.