NJPA Online Application

Whereas, the NJPA is created by Minnesota Statute 123A.21 (with membership further defined in Minnesota Statute 471.59) to serve cities, counties, towns, public or private schools, political subdivisions of Minnesota or another state, any agency of the State of Minnesota or the United States, including instrumentalities of a governmental unit; and

Whereas, NJPA's purpose as defined in Minnesota Statute 123A.21 is to assist in meeting specific needs of clients which could be better provided by NJPA than by the members themselves; and

Whereas, the NJPA Board of Directors has established the ability for an Applicant desiring to participate in NJPA contracts and procurement programs to become a Participating Member; and

Whereas, the NJPA Board of Directors has determined that Participating Members will have no financial interest or liability, nor be entitled to any representation on the NJPA Board of Directors, nor have any organizational liability to NJPA; and

Whereas, Applicant asserts that it is authorized to become a Participating Member of NJPA under the laws of its state or nation.