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Contract#: 022217-GEO
Category: Fleet Services, Parts & Equipment
Maturity Date: 06/01/2021

Many of the world's largest fleets rely on Geotab’s data-driven GPS fleet tracking solutions to improve fleet safety, efficiency, and sustainability. Geotab’s secure, intuitive, and full-featured solutions help managers in government, education, and nonprofit entities:

  • Integrate activity with map views (ESRI, GIS, OSM, options)

  • Connect dispatch, maintenance, field force mobile applications with real time data from vehicles

  • Enhance driver safety: In-vehicle coaching, risk & safety reports, seat belt use, accident reconstruction & notifications

  • Optimize fleet composition (hybrid, EV, fuel), reduce spare vehicles

  • Improve total running cost of fleet operations

  • Active tracking for EMS, Law Enforcement application

  • Accurately connect fuel consumption with CO2 reduction strategies

  • Identify opportunities for Vehicle to Infrastructure (V2I) focus


Choose a reliable, scalable, and secure fleet management platform you can build on.


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