Agile Access Control, Inc.

Contract#: 051613-AAC
Category: Fleet Services, Parts & Equipment
Description: Fleet Management Technology
Maturity Date: 07/16/2017

Agile Access Control, Inc.(Agile) delivers FleetCommander, the industry’s most comprehensive fleet and motor pool management solution. The highly configurable, 100% web-based suite of tools includes fleet and motor pool management software, secure and automated key management, kiosks for self-service vehicle check in and out, in-vehicle automated data collection, real-time GPS solutions, in-vehicle telematics, and more.  FleetCommander offers Fleet Managers the industry’s most robust motor pool and vehicle management capabilities, as well as maintenance, parts, fuel, and risk management capabilities all presented graphically in real-time on fleet status dashboards. Once-tedious fleet management tasks are automated, including billing and reporting, policy enforcement, and the collection of data needed to manage and right-size a fleet. With FleetCommander, fleet drivers enjoy the convenience of online reservations, 24 x 7  access to vehicles, grab-and-go vehicle availability and more. It is not uncommon for FleetCommander customers to save tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars almost immediately by slashing staff time, asset costs, POV reimbursement costs, and more. We invite you to see for yourself — Agile offers a free, full-featured 30-day trial using actual data from your fleet.


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