Synovia Solutions, LLC

Contract#: 022217-SSL
Category: Fleet Services, Parts & Equipment
Maturity Date: 06/01/2021

Synovia Solutions, LLC (Synovia) provides a complete, GPS/telematics solution for fleet and asset management. We help organizations of all sizes increase savings, improve safety and enhance service associated with managing a fleet of vehicles and/or collection of assets (compressors, trailers, etc.).

Our open Application Programming Interface (API) is used to integrate any third-party application including Maintenance Management applications. Synovia’s solutions apply to K-12 school districts, local and federal governments and non-profits with paratransit requirements.  And there is even a parent app called Here Comes The Bus® that lets parents know about their child’s school bus.

Synovia insures your success with the unique Synsurance℠ program that maximizes uptime and return on investment (ROI) using an all-inclusive monthly service fee with NO UPFRONT COSTS! For more information, click on the links below.




Visit www.synoviasolutions.com or www.herecomesthebus.com .