Smeal Fire Apparatus

Contract#: 011714-SFA
Category: Public Safety, Vehicles, Fire Trucks & Equipment
Description: Fire Fighting Apparatus
Maturity Date: 04/10/2018

Smeal Fire Apparatus Co. is a major contributor in the fire and rescue industry and has thousands of trucks and aerial ladders protecting lives and property throughout North America.  Their tagline “We Build Respect.” reflects their role as a “builder” and subtly conveys their rock-solid reputation for quality and integrity.  In 2014, Smeal proudly added two companies to their family.   With the addition of Ladder Tower Company (LTC) and US Tanker Co, Smeal now offers the largest selection of aerial models and the finest stainless steel tankers in the industry.  In addition, Smeal markets and is authorized to sell Danko Emergency Equipment Co. products through NJPA.