Contract#: 122017-AMI
Category: Public Utility & Airport Equipment
Maturity Date: 02/20/2022

Vector Technologies Ltd has been building the most durable trailer and skid mounted industrial vacuum machines on the market since 1976 in Milwaukee, WI and we have over 7,000 machines installed throughout the world! Our well known VecLoader industrial vacuum machines are used in many industrial and construction related applications. Some of the most common applications include: abrasive media recovery, carbon reclamation, hazardous material clean-up with HEPA systems, drilling mud clean-up, catalyst recovery with nitrogen gas shielded systems, roofing ballast removal, and any other application that requires the removal of wet or dry material. Additionally, Vector now serves the municipal and sewer cleaning markets with the Neptune Combination Machine, the Mudslinger Hydro-Excavation Machine, and the VecJet Jetter Machine.

Call us at: 800-832-4010, Email us at: inquiry@vector-vacuums.com or visit our website at: www.vector-vacuums.com to learn more and let us help you find the right solution for your application!