Contract#: 122017-FSC
Category: Public Utility & Airport Equipment
Description: Sewer, Catch Basin Cleaners & Hydro-Excavators
Maturity Date: 02/20/2022

Vactor Manufacturing, located in Streator, IL, leads the way in providing solutions for Hydro-Excavation, and sewer and catch basin cleaning including powerful truck-mounted jetters and combination units that combine water jetting with vacuum for the most effective sewer cleaning and maintenance available. For over 50 years Vactor has been designing and manufacturing products that are easy to operate, easy to maintain and built to last. Now the Vactor 2100i continues to set the standard for state-of-the-art combination sewer cleaning, with the innovative IntuiTouch control system to the Rapid Deployment Boom (RDB 1015), you can expect the most effective and efficient sewer line cleaning in the industry.


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