Contract#: 122017-TYM
Category: Public Utility & Airport Equipment
Description: Street Sweeper Equipment
Maturity Date: 02/20/2022

TYMCO, Inc. manufactures a full line of Regenerative Air Sweepers at our manufacturing plant in Waco, Texas, USA.   The founder of TYMCO, Mr. B. W. Young, invented the Regenerative Air System Technology, the newest sweeper technology in the sweeping industry.  TYMCO offers various sized Models for different public works applications which require cleaning paved surfaces such as streets, highways, roads, bridges, airport roads, airport ramps and runways as well as parking lots.  In addition to local dealer support, TYMCO offers Service Training Schools at our Training Center in Waco, Texas - a customer support commitment by TYMCO for over 35 years with a schedule of more than 30 schools each year provided at no charge.

Please call 1-800-258-9626 or visit our website, tymco.com, for the TYMCO Sweeper dealer near you.  TYMCO builds a Model for your cleaning needs!