Zenith Motors

Contract#: 120716-ZEN
Category: Vehicles and Chassis
Description: Vehicles, Cars, Vans, SUVs, and Light Trucks
Maturity Date: 01/17/2021

Zenith Motors is a manufacturer of 100% electric cargo, shuttle & step vans. Zenith is proactively helping organizations reduce their fleet’s operating costs.  We save our clients $100,000 over the operational life of the vehicle by eliminating the cost of gasoline, reducing the cost of maintenance and maximizing the uptime between scheduled maintenance.

Zenith Shuttle and Cargo Van's aid in the reduction of cancerous carbon emission and noise pollution. In cities around the country, our Zenith Electric Shuttles are utilized for employees’ transportation, on-demand shuttle service, or wheelchair assessable transportation.  Our 100% electric cargo vans are put to work delivering packages; serve as police evidence collection, park service, and building maintenance vehicles. Zenith helps our clients attain their sustainability goals all the while reducing fleet cost.