Sightlines, LLC

Contract#: 071415-GGI
Category: Construction
Description: Benchmarking, Operations, Investment, Strategy, Capital Planning, Facilities Condition Assessment, Space Utilization, College, University
Maturity Date: 09/15/2019

Sightlines is the leader in helping institutional finance and facilities leaders better manage their physical plant operating budgets and capital investments. Sightlines provides tools for strategic planning, analyzing and benchmarking that generate an independent, reliable comparison of campus performance in these areas against peer institutions.

Using its unique, proprietary Return on Physical Assets (ROPA+) process, Sightlines visits each campus annually to collect more than 200 indicators of facilities and financial data in order to identify trends and provide useful analysis and benchmarks. With Sightlines, institutions receive the context and validation they need to make sound, clear, informed and financially credible decisions surrounding facilities. As a result, campuses can optimize capital investments, address backlog of deferred maintenance projects, develop a strategy to steward physical assets, improve the effectiveness of facility operations, reduce energy consumption and better serve students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Sightlines provides a holistic view of facilities, allowing you to make more informed policy and strategic decisions based on consistent and accurate empirical evidence, analyzed and refreshed annually.

While ROPA+ provides a holistic view of facilities management and strategy, Building Portfolio Solutions help to put that into action. With “deferred maintenance” backlogs accumulating at alarming rates, many institutions conduct facilities conditions assessments to understand the magnitude of the problem. Although rooting in sound technical inspections, these studies generally fail to create the support for capital investment and change on campus. Sightlines has introduced Building Portfolio Solutions to take facilities assessments to the next level.

Although rooted in higher education, Sightlines has worked across a broad spectrum of institutional facilities including K-12, government centers, and other non-profits.


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