Schindler Elevator Corporation

Contract#: 100516-SCH
Category: Elevators
Description: Elevator Equipment & Services
Maturity Date: 11/02/2020

NJPA members can now access a broad range of installation, maintenance and modernization programs for elevators and escalators through Schindler Elevator Corporation. Members can get a comprehensive initial survey and assessment and customized service package designed to fit their needs, regardless of brand. Schindler also offers complete programs for capital planning and modernization for all brands of elevators and escalators—from simple upgrades to full replacement. Schindler technicians stay linked to customer’s equipment at all times through FieldLink, a comprehensive handheld computer. Customers can monitor real-time, unfiltered performance results on a secure Schindler Dashboard available at www.us.schindler.com or via mobile app.

Website: http://www.schindler.com/us/internet/en/home.html