Cummins Inc.

Contract#: 120617-CMM
Category: Energy Solutions
Maturity Date: 01/29/2022

With more than 90 years of experience in power generation and an extensive global distributor network across 190 countries, Cummins is ready to match with your power needs — whether you require continuous, prime, peaking or standby power.

Cummins is a total solutions provider and proud to present our “Power of One”. Cummins is a world leader in the design and manufacture of pre-integrated generator sets, ranging from 2 kW to 3.5 MW. All major components – engine, alternator, transfer switches and control systems – are designed and manufactured by Cummins. Because they are designed by one manufacturer, all of the elements of our power generation systems work in harmony. Our distribution is 100% Cummins owned and we are uniquely placed compared to our competition to provide NJPA members exceptional sales, service, parts support and preventative maintenance programs across North America.

We look forward to working with NJPA member agencies and assisting them with our vast experience in the power generation business. Please contact Harsha Narravula (Account Executive – National Accounts) at 612-246-5136 or Find a Cummins Distributor near you.