Staples Facility Solutions

Contract#: 110415-SCC
Category: Facility, Maintenance, Repair and Operations, Janitorial
Description: Janitorial Supplies and Related Custodial Products
Maturity Date: 02/01/2020

Did you know you can buy all your cleaning, breakroom and janitorial products from the same place you get your office supplies — Staples Business Advantage®?  This means lower costs, less paperwork, fewer suppliers and shipments to manage and more efficiencies for your department. With a nationwide team of specialized experts, averaging 15 years of experience, we’ll work with your team to implement the perfect solution for your organization. It’s another way Staples Business Advantage is committed to providing the right products, service and solutions to maximize your procurement budget.

With Staples Business Advantage, you get a facility solutions offering that includes:

•    Access to industry-leading manufacturers and a full assortment of products

•    Regionally-based Facility Specialists available for product assessment, consultation, cleaning product reviews and onsite product demonstrations

•    Easy online ordering, including real-time inventory availability and comprehensive spend reporting

•    A full range of multi-lingual training tools, including videos, guides, and customized wall charts, to provide your employees with essential product information

•    Environmental and Diversity solutions

  • Annual volume rebate to provide additional savings across multiple product categories

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