PPG Architectural Finishes, Inc.

Contract#: 020515-PPG
Category: Facility, Maintenance, Repair and Operations
Description: Paint & Wall Coverings
Maturity Date: 02/17/2019

For more than 125 years, PPG Industries has grown and thrived by making sound business decisions. As the second largest architectural coatings company in the world PPG has established a strong tradition that includes using the best technology, manufacturing the best quality products and providing exceptional dedicated service. PPG’s steadfast commitment to excellence is evident in every aspect of their business. PPG Architectural Coatings offers painting solutions for all market segments including municipal, school, and non-profit agencies. Please visit the following websites to learn more about the wide range of quality products and services PPG has to offer. www.ppgpitsburgh.com and www.porterpaints.com.