Multi-Unit Group

Contract#: 090414-MUG
Category: Food & Food Service Equipment
Maturity Date: 10/21/2018

 Our philosophy is simple: to provide unparalleled service to you, our customer. When you partner with The Multi Unit Group, you are working with a locally owned, independent foodservice distributor that knows your needs and has the flexibility and desire to satisfy them. Pair that with the power and solidarity of a national program and you get the same benefits as working with a large corporation. Personalized, local service combined with the leverage of a national buying power. The best of both worlds… and the winner is you!


For Procurement review documents, please reach out to Lindsey.Meech@Njpacoop.org

Contract 112917-MUG is effective 2018-2021


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 Available Through NJPA Contract 090414-MUG

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NutriStudents K-12 is a self-operated foodservice platform delivering real food, real help and real results needed to operate an efficient, federally compliant foodservice program. NutriStudents K-12 includes over 100 weeks of USDA-certified menus, training resources and menu promotion tools to help schools reduce paperwork,  lost revenues and wasted food.