Moore Medical

Contract#: 080614-MML
Category: Healthcare, Fitness & Medical Related Solutions
Description: Medical, Surgical and First Aid
Maturity Date: 08/19/2018

Moore Medical LLC, is a distributor of medical-surgical supplies, equipment and pharmaceuticals. Our catalog, of over 20,000+ products, ranges from Exam Room Furniture and Diagnostic Equipment to First Aid, EMS and Primary Care supplies.

We work with over 700 manufacturers to bring you a variety of quality products to fit your medical-surgical supply needs.

We keep abreast of industry trends within our core markets. In addition, we believe in providing quality medical products, on-time delivery and personalized service.

We bring education, new medical technologies, and innovative tools to help you manage your medical supply inventory and programs.

Our account management team is educated, experienced and is excited for the opportunity to partner with NJPA.


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