RISO, Inc.

Contract#: 083116-RSO
Category: School & Office Equipment/Supplies
Description: Copiers & Digital Imaging
Maturity Date: 10/19/2020

RISO, Inc. in Burlington, MA is a provider of high-speed inkjet printers, digital duplicators and accessories.  Focusing on productivity, cost containment, and versatility, RISO provides compact, high-volume duplicators and printers that outperform much larger, more complex printing processes.  RISO’s printers offer fast, affordable cut-sheet inkjet output at speeds of up to 150 PPM.  RISO digital duplicators are 1 and 2-color systems that produce millions of copies, are environmentally friendly, and are easy and inexpensive to use.  RISO products set the standard for machines with the fastest output, the smallest footprint, and the most cost-effective operation in the industry.


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