Sharp Electronics

Contract#: 100312-SEC
Category: School & Office Equipment/Supplies
Description: Copiers & Digital Imaging
Maturity Date: 11/14/2016

NJPA’s exclusive national contract with Sharp Electronics offers your agency national volume pricing on the complete line of Sharp’s award-winning digital products. This contract offers the benefit of purchasing one or multiple models at National Contract price levels and includes a complete line of equipment accessories and software solutions.

• Facilitated and serviced through your local, authorized Sharp dealer

• Whiteboards

• The very best national contract pricing

• Cost per copy (CPC), purchase or lease options available.


Sharp’s contract: “exceeded expectations” of Baltimore City Schools

MX_5111N_4KS_slant.jpg MX-6240N.jpg MX-M354N_full_beauty.jpg PN_L702B_with_stand.jpg