American Ramp Company

Contract#: 022113-ARC
Category: Parks & Recreation
Description: Skate Parks
Maturity Date: 04/23/2017

American Ramp Company is the world’s largest skatepark provider and the only company that offers every skatepark build option. ARC is skater owned and operated ensuring that each project is approached with a goal of creating a unique and high quality skatepark. ARC offers its products factory direct which means throughout the development, sales and construction process you are dealing with one of ARC’s in-house skatepark specialists. ARC offers services that make the entire purchasing process quick and easy. Your skatepark specialist will provide custom design services, including 2-D and color 3D renderings; custom animations, design posters and equipment specification without the bid process with turnkey project management from design to installation. Call today to experience the highest quality product and services at the most competitive price through NJPA!