Spohn Ranch, Inc.

Contract#: 030117-SRI
Category: Parks & Recreation
Maturity Date: 04/14/2021

Spohn Ranch began as a community, anchored by Aaron Spohn’s backyard half-pipe, and grew into an award-winning skatepark design/build firm.  A cornerstone of action sports progression for over 25 years, Spohn Ranch’s backyard roots have spread globally, culminating in hundreds of cutting-edge creations.

Licensed, bonded and insured nationwide, Spohn Ranch has mastered a broad range of techniques specific to creating the highest-quality skateable terrain possible. Our Los Angeles-based design studio is known for transforming skateparks into vibrant community spaces with architectural finesse and sculptural elements that double as visual focal points. Our construction division’s comprehensive skill sets include carpentry, steel fabrication, earthwork, pre-cast concrete, cast-in-place concrete and shotcrete – just to name a few.

Get in touch today to learn more about our turnkey, time-tested skatepark development process.

Website: https://www.spohnranch.com/


“Spohn Ranch is excited to offer our award-winning skatepark design/build services through NJPA’s cooperative purchasing program. Our NJPA contract enables municipalities and other members to provide safe, high-quality spaces for their skateboarders and action sports athletes via a streamlined and cost-effective process.”