Wabash Valley - PlayPower Inc.

Contract#: 030117-LTS
Category: Parks & Recreation
Description: Playground Equipment
Maturity Date: 04/14/2021

Wabash Valley Manufacturing offers a large selection of tables, benches, chairs, receptacles, umbrellas, planters and more, all available in numerous styles, colors and finishes to fit whatever your need – functional, elegant, eco-friendly, always reliable – without the high price.  Under one roof, you will find an amazing variety in our three brands:  Wabash Valley, our plastisol-coated furniture that will weather the elements and heavy-use environments; Urbanscape, the high-end powder-coated styles that fit perfect in urban or retail environments; and Green Valley furniture that is constructed with Poly-Tuf™ recycled plastic lumber.  Whatever your need, we have it.