National Cooperative Leasing

Contract#: 032615-NCL
Category: Professional & Financing Services and Professional Development
Sub Category: Leasing & Financing
Maturity Date: 04/09/2020

For nearly 15 years, National Cooperative Leasing (NCL) has served NJPA and its members as a Contracted Service Provider.  Many NJPA members have utilized NCL’s leasing and financing solutions to facilitate the procurement of a wide spectrum of assets including state of the art technology to a new fire hall and everything in between.  NCL is committed to providing competitive, creative and flexible leasing and financing solutions to assist NJPA members acquire what they need when they need it.  NCLs team of experienced government leasing and finance professionals have the expertise and the commitment to finding a solution to fit your agency needs.


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Chris Canavati, G.M.

Direct Phone: (866) 763-7600

Katie Vangsness, Technology and Furniture & Park and Recreation

Direct Phone: (866) 763-7600

Jake Ost, Fleet & Heavy Equipment

Direct Phone: (866) 763-7600

Bruce Ogrodnik, Sharp Copiers

Direct Phone: (651) 735-5840