IronPlanet, Inc.

Contract#: 041316-IPI
Category: Professional & Financing Services, and Professional Development
Description: Surplus Equipment Liquidation
Maturity Date: 06/22/2020

GovPlanet® is the premier platform for the disposal of your surplus goods. From rolling stock and construction equipment to office desks and collectibles, GovPlanet is your one-stop-shop for surplus disposition. NJPA members will be able to connect with IronPlanet’s global buyer base through a self-service marketplace from their websites as well as from GovPlanet. You can also take advantage of weekly online GovPlanet auctions for higher value rolling stock, and our reserve price Daily Marketplace format. You can sell across all of our platforms or choose the one that is best for you. Ask us how to get higher returns faster with GovPlanet.