PropertyRoom.com, Inc.

Contract#: 041316-PRC
Category: Professional & Financing Services and Professional Development
Description: Surplus Equipment Liquidation
Maturity Date: 06/22/2020

Online auction and eCommerce site, PropertyRoom.com, has more than 4,000 unique items up for bid at any given time from a network of over 3,000 police departments and municipalities nationwide. Hundreds of new auctions added daily –from vehicles and bicycles to jewelry and electronics — most of these forfeited, seized or found items have a starting bid at just one dollar.


With the merchandise collected from police and sheriff’s departments’ property and evidence rooms across the United States, including the cities of New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Houston, Ft. Worth, and the counties of Sacramento, King, Jacksonville, Ada and Manatee among others, these auctions have generated millions in proceeds given back to the local communities. In addition to police department property and evidence room auctions, PropertyRoom.com auctions thousands of vehicles from military, municipalities, county, and state government agencies annually.


PropertyRoom.com assists police and sheriff’s departments, municipalities and other government organizations all over the country in helping them turn surplus, abandoned, seized and illiquid assets into cash. PropertyRoom.com handles the pick-up, cataloging, detailed listings, auctioning and all bidder communications – removing these headaches from your daily workload.