SchoolDude & FacilityDude

Contract#: 110515-SDI
Category: Technology, Security & Communication Solutions
Description: On-Demand Educational & Operations Management
Maturity Date: 12/15/2019

SchoolDude is the nation’s #1 provider of cloud-based operations management software designed exclusively for the unique needs of education. SchoolDude’s software automates educational work flow processes including work orders, inventory management, facilities or IT incident management, utility tracking and more. SchoolDude’s software is easy to use and affordable to both large and small educational institutions – helping them save time and money.



FacilityDude is a leading provider of cloud-based operations management software designed for the unique needs of local, state, and federal governments. FacilityDude’s software automates workflows, and provides simple reporting to protect your assets. Our software is affordable and easy to use – helping you do more with less.



Grainger.com® and SchoolDude have partnered to deliver Click2Buy Direct, a new and efficient way to help better manage workflow when purchasing products used to maintain, repair and operate facilities.

Learn more about our partnership with Grainger and new integration called Click2Buy.