E-RATE Process



  AASA and NJPA are proud of their joint effort to assist AASA members with a purchasing partnership for E-Rate eligible goods and services. 

How would our District Participate? 

  • The first step is to join NJPA by going to www.njpacoop.org/join/application.  Membership is a no cost, no obligation and no liability. 

  • Complete an LOA (Letter of Agency) authorizing NJPA to bid products/equipment and services on your behalf. You can do this by Completing the Online form below or Simply printing off the attached version and mailing in. LOA.pdf

  • File Form 470  (only Schools/libraries who signed a Letter of Agency for e-rate year 2012-13 may reference 470 # 852940000958838 on their Form 471 funding application).

Applicants who have not completed a LOA can still use NJPA’s multi-award contracts as bid responses, along with any other bids obtained as a result of your Form 470 posting.  After waiting 28 days, applicants must evaluate all bids with price of the eligible products/equipment and services being the most heavily weighted factor in selecting the vendor. 

What else does our district need to know? 

In addition to FCC, USAC and SLD regulations, applicants must follow local and state procurement regulations when purchasing e-rate eligible products/equipment and services from a Master Contract such as NJPA, a governmental agency purchasing alliance https://www.njpacoop.org/contract-purchasing-solutions/legal-authority/state-procurement-resources


Applicants are advised that NJPA's Contracts may also include some non-eligible E-Rate products and services. The E-Rate Eligible Services List can be found at:

If our district chooses to pursue this option what are we committed to?

Nothing. Opting in to the NJPA e-rate bid simply provides you an OPTION to use our contracts. We are a choice and you are in complete control of how you proceed.

Competitively Bid Awarded E-Rate Vendors

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Contract Manager: David Duhn 




E-Rate Letter of Agency for Funding Years 2012 – 2017

Letter of Agency (LOA)

National Joint Powers Alliance

Completing this Letter of Agency provides another option for your district or library’s eligibility to purchase from NJPA contracts.  It does not obligate your district or library to undertake such purchases. Additionally, completing this LOA does not prevent your district or library from filing additional E-Rate Form 470s, nor does it obligate NJPA to file a 470.

This Letter of Agency is executed by the district/library set forth below to confirm participation in the National Joint Powers Alliance’s E-rate Purchasing Coop.  By entering into this LOA, the district/library authorizes NJPA to file an  E-rate  Form  470  on  its  behalf.    The Form 470  will  include  E-rate eligible services  and   equipment  in   all   categories  of   service,   to   include telecommunications services, internet access, internal connections and basic maintenance.

 By signing this Letter of Agency, I certify that I am authorized to sign on behalf of the district/library and NJPA is authorized to file future Form 470 application for E-rate eligible services.

Submission: This form can be completed and signed electronically. You may also print the   form, and return the completed and signed copy to:  National Joint Powers Alliance, 202 12th Street NE, P.O. Box 219, Staples, MN 56479  Phone:  218-894-1930; 888-894-1930/Fax: 218-894-3045.

I acknowledge that I must file my own form 470 to purchase from NJPA Contracts that pre-date the submission of this LOA.