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“High-quality professional learning by all teachers is critically important if we want high-quality learning in all classrooms and if we want to sustain and retain competent teachers throughout their careers.”                               

Dennis Sparks, 2007

Welcome to NJPA Education Solutions

In 2011, the Board of National Joint Powers Alliance rejuvenated their focus on educational services for the Region V Service Cooperative with the introduction of NJPA Education Solutions. School districts and educational entities are able to access a growing venue of educational services in professional development for teacher leaders and administration; collaborative, educational opportunities; and educational contract purchasing. These opportunities for professional development are different because the options are designed to be job-embedded, provided on-site, ongoing throughout the year, evidence-based, and driven by data.

NJPA’s Education Solutions  is dedicated to serving education in your schools, classrooms, and professional development.

Marzano’s NJPA Leadership Academy

In collaboration with Learning Science International, provider of iObservation, NJPA is proud to announce a new service program to provide professional development, support and implemenation of Dr. Robert Marzano’s Art and Science of Teaching instructional framework, along with special pricing on iObservation software.



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your core initiatives …

StandardsInsightMNTM is a dynamic, web-based collaboration tool that helps you unpack Minnesota’s Mathematics and English Language Arts State Standards. Its user-friendly interface streamlines the complicated process of alignment, encourages fidelity within grade levels and content areas, helps your district manage core initiatives, and saves both time and resources.

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Fall 2013

Teacher Cohorts

areas of Specific Professional Learning

You asked, and together we found a solution!
Teachers in specific content areas and high school
instructors have requested learning communities
that deal specifically with their content area and
enhance professional collaboration among peers
throughout Region V.  There is no charge for these
For a printable copy of a specific cohort:



Leading Forward: Transforming MN

Leading Forward: Transforming Minnesota A Regional Partnership Model for Principal and Teacher Effectiveness

NJPA is pleased to announce that we are introducing a pilot program for districts committed to implementing professional learning standards to increase principal and teacher effectiveness.

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