Educational Resources for Professionals

NJPA has established a professional library of current resources from leading researchers and  educators in the profession. The library includes resources on the topics of:  content-specific resources, professional development resources, system change, and leadership. Numerous resources have multiple copies which can be checked out for longer periods and used in professional learning settings. 



Click Here for List of Resources for Check Out

If there are resources that you would like to see in the library, please make a request for new resources by sending the title, author, number of copies, and intent for usage to Lori Duhn, NJPA Education Solutions, [email protected].
To check out resources from the library, simply make a request by submitting the form below.  Resources will be sent or delivered to the school in a timely manner.


We thank our partners at Freshwater Education District, Staples, Minnesota for collaborating with NJPA to provide sections of the library as a loan to NJPA Education Solutions. Together we are better!
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