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Todd Lyscio                                              CONTACT US
                Executive Director                                    [email protected]       
Rynell Schock
                Education Specialist                                [email protected]
Lisa Novak
                Education Consultant                              [email protected]
Vicki Dypwick
Education Consultant                              [email protected]
Gwynne Gildow                                       
                Education Consultant                              [email protected]
Chris Lane 
                Education Consultant                             [email protected]
Julie Soukup
                Education Consultant                              [email protected] 
Julie Mertens
               21st Century Learning Specialist             [email protected]
Lori Duhn
                Administrative Specialist                           [email protected]
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Education Solutions Advisory Team

“Friday Morning Meetings” are held three times each year for the purpose of long range planning for the NJPA Education Solutions Department. It will be guided by leading, evidence-based practices and the interests and needs of the member districts. These needs and interests will be determined from NJPA district surveys and district achievement, school, and staff data.

The Education Solutions Advisory Team consists of three superintendents, three principals, and three teachers from the member districts serving on rotating terms of three years. NJPA’s Executive Director and Education Specialist will facilitate the meetings.

                Each one of YOU, in our participating schools

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