ezIQC How to Purchase



  1. Establish membership with NJPA at no cost, obligation and no liability. Complete the online application here.

  2. Go to www.ezIQC.com, enter your contact information and a brief project description.

  3. An ezIQC representative will contact you and walk you through the process.


On your mark – get set – GO! ezIQC’s rapid response.

Joint Scope Meeting After entering your project, your local ezIQC representative will quickly schedule a Joint Scope Meeting at the project site to help you and the contractor agree on the details of the work that the contractor will perform. The scoping process allows the contractor to inspect the site and ask questions before submitting a Price Proposal. This upfront, open communication eliminates the misunderstandings and mistakes that lead to most change orders and often results in more cost-effective collaborative solutions.

Detailed Scope of Work We will then help you prepare a Detailed Scope of Work that describes the work the contractor will perform based on the scope meeting discussion. The Detailed Scope of Work will be sent along with the Request for Proposal to the contractor.

Price Proposal Next, the contractor prepares a Price Proposal by selecting the appropriate tasks from the Construction Task Catalog® almost like ordering off of a menu. They simply multiply the unit price X the required quantities X the contractor’s competitively bid Adjustment Factor. That’s it. No haggling. No extra charges. The contractor also prepares a construction schedule and a list of proposed local subcontractors.

Price Proposal Review Want another set of eyes to review the Price Proposal? Your ezIQC representative will review the Price Proposal to make sure the contractor has selected the appropriate tasks and quantities and will ask the contractor to make any required changes. Only then will your ezIQC representative submit the Price Proposal for your final review.

Purchase Order If you are 100% satisfied with the Price Proposal, construction schedule, and proposed subcontractors, and decide to move forward, you can ask the contractor to submit payment and performance bonds and certificates of insurance on your standard forms. For some projects, payment and performance bonds may not be required. If the bonds and insurance are acceptable, you simply issue a purchase order for the contractor to proceed. The construction is now ready to begin in a fraction of the time that you normally spend to procure a project.

Construction: Site inspections and construction management follow your standard process. When necessary changes arise, you have the flexibility to change the scope of work with ezIQC. Extra work and changes are priced from the Construction Task Catalog for your specific area. There are no more negotiated change orders. Everything is prepriced. Contractors are motivated to provide a high quality project because the opportunity for future work is tied to their current performance. There is no guarantee that the contractor will receive additional projects.



To learn more, please contact: Joe Morgan, Contract Manager

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