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Realize the power and value of National Contract Purchasing! At the National Joint Powers Alliance® (NJPA) we are driven to provide efficient public service through our National Cooperative Purchasing Programs. NJPA is a national organization that creates a business and service alliance between buyers and suppliers. Our common needs and the desire to serve your agency will lead our efforts as we face the challenges of purchasing in the future.

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The National Joint Powers Alliance is a Service Cooperative created by Minnesota Statute 123A.21. This statute was created in 1976 and revised in 1995 to allow participating governmental and municipal agencies to reduce the cost of purchased goods by leveraging their combined purchasing power. We are a member owned cooperative, serving all public and non-public educational systems, governmental agencies and non-profits. NJPA establishes and provides nationally leveraged and competitively solicited purchasing contracts in cooperation with the Uniform Municipal Contracting Law, M.S. 471.345 Subd.15 and is enabled by M.S. 471.59 (The Joint Powers Law). Most of the states in the United States have enacted their version of the “Joint Powers” law. Each member is responsible to review the laws in their state to determine their ability to procure goods and services through the contracts provided by NJPA.

The general purpose of the NJPA is to create and host a national municipal association’s purchasing alliance. Our goal is to provide our members with requested programs and services created, coordinated and delivered through a cooperative effort between all participating members. Our purpose therefore is to serve our membership by:

  1. Acquiring and providing procurement opportunities for goods and services needed by NJPA Members,
  2. To bring the benefits of national volume pricing to NJPA Members and
  3. To satisfy as many of the competitive bidding requirements of NJPA and NJPA Members as possible.

Opening a world of opportunities by creating an alliance between buyers and suppliers.

Striving to meet the needs of our members by providing valued solutions that are respected by our suppliers.

The National Joint Powers Alliance is committed to serving you, our members and customers. We offer a quality, measurable and cost-effective purchasing solution, by taking our members’ common needs, researching the industry and returning the opportunity to purchase through national contracts. We offer the very best products and services at the lowest possible prices by creating an alliance between buyers and suppliers. We understand that we are only able to do this as we work together, developing the partnerships that create a unified purchasing alliance.

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