Become a Vendor

To become an awarded Vendor, you must respond to one of our national RFP solicitations in an appropriate category that encompasses your products, equipment and/or services.  All of our contracts are competitively solicited, evaluated and awarded by our board as part of an 12-step procurement process.  

Industries of NJPA’s current contracts:

  • Athletic Surfaces & Equipment, Ice Arenas & Event Seating
  • Construction & Agricultural Equipment
  • Education & Curriculum
  • Energy Solutions
  • Facility, Maintenance, Repair & Operations
  • Fleet Services, Parts & Equipment
  • Flooring
  • Food & Food Service Equipment
  • Healthcare, Fitness & Medical Related Solutions
  • Janitorial
  • Landscape & Grounds Maintenance
  • Logistic Services/Mail Equipment
  • Office & School Supplies, Furniture & Equipment
  • Off-Road Vehicles, Watercraft & Related Equipment
  • Parks & Recreation
  • Professional Services and Professional Development
  • Public Safety, Vehicles, Fire Trucks & Equipment
  • Public Utility & Airport Equipment
  • Roadway Maintenance, Asphalt, Snow & Ice
  • Storage
  • Technology, Security & Communication Solutions
  • Transportation
  • Uniforms & Apparel
  • Waste & Recycling

Members (any government, school or non-profit entity) join by filling out an application; vendors cannot just join, they must follow the competitive solicitation process which starts with responding to an NJPA RFP (request for proposal). At the end of the process, the vendor(s) with the best value solution(s) are awarded an NJPA contract by NJPA’s publicly elected Board of Directors and members can then buy off the new NJPA contract. Through the awarded contract, you become one of NJPA’s world-class awarded vendors.

Potential vendors should understand that NJPA contracts are national solutions based versus the traditional spec based bids many vendors may be accustomed to. It’s an important differentiation; it means that when vendors respond to an NJPA RFP they should submit their entire product and equipment lines and/or services as they fall within the scope of the published RFP and they should be able to demonstrate their ability to sell and service nationwide. With 50,000 unique member needs to satisfy, we need a wide variety of products, equipment and services to best meet our members’ needs.

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Steps to Become a Vendor:

1st — Determine if an RFP is coming up for solicition for your equipment/products/services

Frequently check the Current and Pending Solicitations page of the NJPA website to see when a proposal category becomes available that encompasses the type of products, equipment and services you provide.

If there is a previously awarded vendor in your industry category that your products/equipment or services would fall under, contact the NJPA Contract Manager listed on that Vendor’s landing page for more information and timelines for rebid. To check on the maturity date of an existing contract and determine your next potential opportunity, visit our Contract Solutions page.

If there is not a current category that your products/equipment/services would fit in, contact NJPA’s Contracts and Compliance Manager to see if there are any plans to go out to solicitation for the particular products or services you provide. If the solicitation is in process or you have additional questions regarding our contracting process, contact the NJPA Contracts & Compliance Manager with any questions or clarifications at 888-894-1930.

2nd — Respond to an RFP in appropriate category

Read the entire RFP document, attend the Pre-Proposal Conference as listed in the RFP, and work within your organization to completely, concisely and transparently answer all the questions listed in the RFP forms and provide all required documents by RFP submission deadline.


The Value of Contract Selling

NJPA’s national contracts offer an easy, time-saving procurement process for all levels of government and education. Awarded contract suppliers have the advantage and benefit of contract selling and are in a position to be a selected Vendor by the NJPA Member through contract purchasing decisions.

  • Vendors are invited to submit a full line of products and services 
  • Opportunity to market nationally a unified contract message throughout your sales teams 
  • Significant efficiencies—savings to both contracted suppliers and NJPA Member buyers 
  • Centralized, national contract management at the corporate or manufacturer level 
  • Solutions-based solicitation—avoiding the challenges of specifications 
  • Secure the business your sales team has earned and deserves 
  • Ceiling-based pricing, offering contract price level flexibility on volume commitments