Contract#: 051613-SYS
Category: Fleet Services, Parts & Equipment
Description: Fuel Management Technologies
Maturity Date: 07/16/2017

Syntech Systems, Inc., is an engineering design company, based in Tallahassee, Florida.  As an innovator and early pioneer of electronic fuel management system development, Syntech has the experience, proven product reliability and unequaled product support to best meet your needs for a dependable “state-of-the-art” fuel management system. 

Syntech Systems, Inc., designs and manufactures FuelMaster® fuel management units whichprovide the hardware and software to manage fleets and their access to fuel products.

Each system is configured for the customer’s fueling operation. Flexible purchase media such as credit cards, proximity cards, smartcards and our ProKee can be used to activate fueling transactions.

Passive fueling automation is also available through our AIM system. Our AIM modules are the only patented telematics device designed to provide pertinent vehicle diagnostic data securely. All of our units are designed for 24/7 operation, and only authorized fueling transactions are initiated and completed.  Our products are designed for reliability, ease of maintenance, user friendliness, and quick parts replacement.

Syntech has the largest and most skilled certified local distributor network, with over 300 locations across the United States and Canada. While much has changed in the fleet management industry over the past 35 years, our commitment to the customer and innovative products has not.