Stertil-Koni USA, Inc.

Contract#: 061015-SKI
Category: Fleet Services, Parts & Equipment
Description: Heavy Duty Vehicle Lifts
Maturity Date: 07/21/2019

In the demanding world of heavy duty vehicle lifting, one company rises above all others to provide governmental agencies, municipal entities, and corporate businesses the broadest range of certified, high-performance, dependable and safe heavy duty lifting systems – Stertil-Koni.   From mobile column lifts, two-post and four-post lifts, to in-ground scissor lifts, in-ground piston lifts and full-rise vertical platform lifts, we have it all, so our customers can have it all.  Through an extensive, dedicated and exclusive distributor network spanning North America and the Caribbean, supported by a highly trained team at our headquarters location in Stevensville, Maryland and a cutting-edge manufacturing facility in Streator, Illinois,  Stertil-Koni is dedicated to providing exceptional products, service and support– every time. 


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