Gradall Industries, Inc.

Contract#: 031014-GRD
Category: Construction & Agricultural Equipment
Description: Telescoping, Tilting Boom Excavators
Maturity Date: 04/10/2018

Since the 1940s, the Gradall name has been known world-wide for quality, innovation and versatility, producing exceptional machines for governments and private contractors as well as for mines, metal mills and even the firefighting industry. Well over 15,000 excavators bearing the Gradall name plate have been produced and shipped to nearly every country worldwide. The Gradall concept was born over a half century ago, aimed at increasing versatility and productivity. And while today’s boom movements have even more freedom of motion, coupled with the massive power of high-pressure hydraulics, the advantages of Gradall’s telescoping, tilting boom vs. a conventional knuckle boom, remain unchanged. Our Vacall line of street sweepers and catch basin cleaners are powerful and versatile with uses including, but not limited to, removal of wet and dry leaves, spill elimination, cleaning of sludge beds and roadway sweeping. The Vacall line of sewer cleaners features the AllJetVac Combination Sewer Cleaner, AllVac Industrial Vacuum Loader and the AllTrench Vacuum/Hydro Excavator. This line of cleaners, formerly the SafeJet product line, is comprised of rugged designs that combine the best in durability, performance and safety.