Accu Steel, Inc.

Contract#: 080114-ACS
Category: Roadway Maintenance, Asphalt, Snow & Ice
Description: Snow/Ice Removal Equipment & Accessories
Maturity Date: 10/21/2018

Accu-Steel, Inc. has a proven track record of serving corporations, municipalities, cities, states and countries since 2001 with high-quality fabric covered buildings.  Accu-Steel’s domestic and international dealer network has erected structures from 30’- 300’ wide for uses including storage for salt, sand, fertilizer, hay, grain, livestock, dairies, and corrosive chemicals, as well as tennis courts, car dealerships, airplane hangars, moveable marine shelters and temporary buildings.  Our “Made in America” fabric buildings are affordable, engineered to the buyers’ specifications, quick to install and easy to maintain.  These temporary or permanent structures feature natural light and airflow capabilities allowing for more comfortable and consistent working environment.