Yancey Bus Sales

Contract#: 102115-YBS
Category: School Buses
Maturity Date: 11/17/2019
Bus Contract Manufactures: Local/Regional Contracts
Contract Short Text: Serving the state of Georgia

Yancey Bus Sales and Service is one the leading distributors for Blue Bird Corporation. In fact, Yancey Bus Sales and Service was Blue Bird’s 2015 “Dealer of the Year”. Yancey is a division of Yancey Brothers Company.

Yancey Bus Sales and Service has represented Blue Bird in Georgia since 2007. We offer a complete line of Blue Bird products; the Vision (type “C”, the All American FE and RE buses Type “D”, and the

Blue Bird Micro Bird (type “A”). We also offer Yancey Air Conditioning, installing MCC air conditioning products since 2010. Yancey offers complete parts and service operations serving Georgia with 10 facilities and 17 road service trucks. Contact us by phone; 1-866-692-2473 (1-866-MY-B-Bird) or email; www.yanceybus.com.