Cascade Engineering, Inc.

Contract#: 020613-CEI
Category: Waste & Recycling
Description: Waste Collection and Recycling Related Equipment
Maturity Date: 03/19/2017

Since our founding in 1973, Cascade Engineering, a U.S. owned and operated family company, has become an industry leader in providing products, technology, and services for the solid waste and recycling industries. Our portfolio includes roll-out carts for solid waste & recycling collection, Xtreme RFID tags for asset management solutions, and Capturit end-to-end solutions that include on-board technology systems, GPS tracking, RFID and scales, back office software with route optimization, invoicing, scale house, and dedicated MRF management software. We are a global company located throughout North America and Europe with over 15 regional sales offices through the U.S. Our team of industry experts will help you identify the most cost effective solutions for your solid waste & recycling needs.