Shred-It USA

Contract#: 020613-SIU
Category: Waste & Recycling
Description: Document Shredding and Recycling
Maturity Date: 03/19/2017

Shred-it is the world’s largest confidential information destruction company, focusing exclusively on ensuring that client information is destroyed in a secure and compliant manner. Leveraging over 90 branches throughout North America and thousands of trained professionals in the field of information security, Shred-it is uniquely qualified to serve NJPA members with a full range of security services, including physical destruction of documents, hard drives, data tapes, DVDs, CDs, USB drives and more. Exceeding NAID certification standards, Shred-it takes a customized approach to helping NJPA members mitigate risk, identify potential threats, meet compliance requirements and ensure maximum security of all sensitive information, whether it’s via regularly-scheduled service or one-time projects.



What Should you Shred? 

In this “how to” video, we review what organizations should consider when deciding what confidential information requires document shredding and what does not.