Hussey Seating

Contract#: 052910-CLS
Category: Athletic Surfaces & Equipment, Ice Arenas & Event Seating
Description: Stadium & Event Seating
Maturity Date: 07/22/2015

A family-owned company founded in 1835, Hussey Seating is a world leader in designing, manufacturing and installing quality seating solutions for the K-12, college and university education markets, sports and entertainment, worship, corporate and government facilities. We’re proud to partner with NJPA to offer members contract pricing on our high quality products and project management solutions including: fixed auditorium and stadium seating, telescopic platforms, gym bleachers and stage systems, Clarin™ by Hussey portable spectator seating, fixed lecture hall seating, multi-purpose seating, portable table solutions and certified after-market inspection and service programs. Call us today or visit www.husseyseating.com to learn more.