Robbins Inc.

Contract#: 082114-RBI
Category: Athletic Surfaces & Equipment, Ice Arenas & Event Seating
Description: Hardwood and Synthetic Sports Flooring Systems
Maturity Date: 09/16/2018

Robbins Sports Surfaces, a family owned business, is the premier supplier of high performance maple and synthetic sports flooring systems to the NBA, WNBA, NCAA, arena, education, religious and fitness markets.  In more than 65 nations on six continents, athletes compete and practice on millions of square meters of Robbins’ sports surfaces.  Professional and amateur alike know that when they play on a high performance Robbins’ system they’ll be able to play at peak levels, safely and comfortably. 

Robbins Floor Customer Testimonial – Friar’s Club of Cincinnati 

Robbins Customer Testimonial – University of Cincinnati Recreation Center