BlueScope Construction, Inc.

Contract#: 021215-BSC
Category: Construction
Description: Pre-Engineered Buildings with Related Materials, Site Preparation, Installation and Ancillary Services
Maturity Date: 03/17/2019

BlueScope Construction is excited to offer NJPA members our competitive, best value solutions for your facility construction and renovation needs. BlueScope Construction saves NJPA members time and money by buying a quality building and construction services direct from the manufacturer. We offer our in-house, pre-engineered building brands: Butler® Buildings and Varco Pruden® Buildings, plus conventional steel and wood framed solutions. We are a national manufacturer and General Contractor that executes locally, utilizing our unequaled, proven team of local designers, contractors, trades and vendors.

Construction Services:

  • Design-Build Turnkey
  • Renovation
  • Re-roofing
  • Free Quotes and Budget Estimates

Building/Product Types:

  • Butler® Pre-engineered Steel Building Systems
  • Varco Pruden® Pre-engineered Steel Building Systems
  • Lester® Pre-engineered Wood Framed Building Systems
  • Conventional Steel Framed Building Systems
  • Hardwall: Buildings featuring concrete, masonry, brick or other exterior non-metal wall materials