Staples Advantage

Contract#: 010615-SCC
Category: Office & School Supplies and Equipment
Maturity Date: 08/01/2019

Staples Advantage is proud to be the awarded office & classroom supplier for NJPA under nationally awarded contract #010615. We work collaboratively with our customers to efficiently manage procurement programs with the lowest total delivered cost. We are committed to making it easy to buy office products, including supplies, technology, and business services. Staples Advantage is focused on providing NJPA Members the highest level of quality products, service and dedication that you expect and deserve. Your account management team will constantly monitor, refine and enhance your program for your greatest gain throughout the life of your program. Contract includes discounts on the most commonly purchased products. Nationally leveraged, volume price advantage for all members.



Co-Solicited with Lodi Unified School District

Lodi USD Award Notice from NJPA 2-18-15

Lodi USD Board Minutes 2-17-15 010615 Award Item