Marco, Inc.

Contract#: Professional Service Agreement (PSA)
Category: Office & School Supplies and Equipment


You’re in the right place. Marco, Inc., a leading national technology services provider, offers Managed Print Services designed to streamline workflow, enhance productivity and eliminate time wasted on unnecessary print-related tasks and issues. 

 When you hire Marco for Managed Print Services, they’ll provide management and support for your printers, copiers and/or multifunction devices. They’ll track toner usage and paper output. They’ll upgrade software and repair or replace hardware. They’ll train your staff and they’ll order supplies before they’re needed – not when they run out.


Marco designs custom print solutions for organizations of all sizes and industries. Because the process is the same, it really doesn’t matter how big or small your office – from a nonprofit organization with a handful of employees, to government agencies that span the state, to school districts spread across multiple counties.  An initial Print Assessment guides the development of your Managed Print Services program , and the ongoing Service & Support keeps things running smoothly.

 Most organizations can save 30% or more on their print-related expenses when they bring Marco in to assess their print environment. Get started by scheduling a free print assessment: