USA Shade – PlayPower Inc.

Contract#: 022113-LTS
Category: Parks & Recreation
Description: Playground Equipment
Maturity Date: 04/23/2017

For the past 25 years, USA SHADE & Fabric Structures has been the proven leader in fabric structure design and technology. We have achieved this through an unyielding commitment to innovation and excellence and are dedicated to remaining a ground breaking, cutting-edge company for many years to come.

As a vertically integrated business, we offer our clients the comprehensive resources that lead to successful projects and lasting partnerships. From design development to engineering, manufacturing, project management, and construction, we are the single source for your shade and fabric structure solutions. We consistently outperform our competitors because our employees are the best trained, most experienced and well-equipped professionals in the industry.

 We design and build our products with people first in mind, the simple concept that our company was founded upon. I invite you to enjoy the photographs and information on the following pages that illustrate our commitment to the highest standards of creativity, integrity, quality and service in all aspects of our business. The brands of USA SHADE & Fabric Structures are the leaders, the innovators, and the ones to trust.