J.J. Kane Associates, Inc. dba J.J. Kane Auctioneers

Contract#: 042911-JJK
Category: Professional & Financing Services, and Professional Development
Description: Surplus Equipment Liquidation
Maturity Date: 06/21/2016
Contract Summary

JJKane is a nationwide auction company conducting 50+ absolute public auction sales, annually. Buyers & Sellers participate both Face-to-Face on-site, and Live-via-Internet at our auctions. Sellers include governments, utility companies, manufacturers, contractors, lending institutions, rental companies, and more. We specialize in utility, power line, underground and construction equipment, specialty trucks, and fleet vehicles. We do conduct “On-Line-Only” sale of assets, selling items in our “Virtual Auction Yard” without moving the items, to eliminate transport costs. JJKane can provide a turnkey solution, handling all aspects of the sale process.

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